Katherine Virginia “Ginny” Binns has at least 28 reasons to wake up each morning, fueled by her love for her family.

The mother of four, grandmother of 11 and great-grandmother of 13 celebrated her 102nd birthday on Nov. 14, 2023, at Masonic Village at Warminster.

On the big day, Ginny was greeted by a room filled with more than 50 friends, family members, residents and staff holding balloons and signs. A highlight of the party was a surprise visit by the Mummers playing many of her favorite string band songs. Guests enjoyed pizza, soft pretzels, ice cream, cake and homemade desserts. Philadelphia’s Channel 6 Action News even made an appearance to interview Ginny and videotape the festivities. View the story here: Pa. woman celebrates 102nd birthday as matriarch to her family – 6abc Philadelphia.

“Ginny smiled the whole party,” said her daughter, Gail Mastropietro. “It was such a fun and happy time. Many guests said this was the best party they’d ever attended.”

Ginny has lived at Masonic Village since last January. Prior to that, she lived in an independent living facility. Her husband, Robert, who was a Mason, lived at Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill for two years before passing away in 2004.

Ginny said she was excited to reach 102 because her parents both died young, her father at age 54 and her mother at 52. They owned a grocery store in Philadelphia, but Ginny didn’t want to inherit it because she never thought she’d live that long.

When asked the secret to her longevity, she said “God just loves me, and I’ve never smoked or drunk alcohol or eaten unhealthy.”

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ginny attended Beaver College (now Arcadia University), where she studied religion. She worked in the payroll department of Asplundh Construction, and then served as the legal secretary for the head of Prudential Services for many years.

Ginny enjoys her time at Masonic Village. She likes to paint, make ceramics and attend various entertainment and happy hour events. She appreciates that the building is kept clean, and residents are well taken care of by the staff.

“If something is wrong, they are right on it,” she said. “The doctor comes immediately. My cardiologist said I’m his oldest patient!”

Ginny loves spending time with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“It’s wonderful to be alive to see them,” she said. “The sad part is I can’t hold them like I used to because I don’t have the strength. But they can be put in my arms.”

Gail said it’s a true blessing to see her mother turn 102. She is in relatively good health, mentally “sharp as a tack” and very social with everyone, she said.

“Everyone says to me, ‘You’re so lucky to still have your mother,’” she said. “I’ve learned so much from mom, and she continues to surprise me with her wisdom. She has lived life to the fullest and has a wealth of knowledge she likes to share with me and others. Her family is the most important thing to her, and she has made sure her children realize the importance of family.”

Here’s to 103, Ginny!